What if you slip when quitting smoking?

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What if you slip?

We are all human and we understand quitting smoking is one of the hardest challenges that someone can face. One slip might be okay, but it can lead to many more.

It’s perfectly normal to want the occasional cigarette. One cigarette does not mean you’ve given up, but it does mean it’s time to get back on your quit plan. Don’t let one cigarette lead to another and then another…
You are getting used to smoking again. Try to figure out why you have slipped, what your cravings are, and how you will deal with them in the future.
So you might not be where you started, but this is definitely a relapse. Try to figure out why you’ve returned to smoking. It’s time to set yourself up for success and give your quit plan another go. Relapse events happen, but it’s important to remember that they teach us about what we can handle and move us closer to the ultimate goal of quitting. Commit to starting fresh and find new ways to manage those slip ups.

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