Quit Smoking Tips

Time to quit smoking

Like any major undertaking, quitting smoking needs a plan. By planning ahead, you can navigate potential problems before they arise and consequently enhance your chances to succeed.

Set yourself up for success by:

  • Picking a quit date – it should be soon in the future and as stress-free as possible. Planning to quit the day before the big presentation? Not the best idea.
  • Take a look at your surroundings – remove all ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes.
  • Carry a list with you at all times – what are your reasons for quitting? Is it your family? Your own health? Make a list and carry it with you. Take a look at it whenever you are tempted.
  • Change your habits – avoid beverages, places, foods and even people that you associate with smoking. Exercise and developing an active routine can help boost your endorphins naturally.
  • Know your triggers and adapt accordingly.
  • Reward yourself – you’ll be saving money so why not put it aside for something that you really want?

Figure out Your Quit Plan

Know Your Triggers

Learn how to identify the factors that cause you to smoke and how to avoid them.