How to Manage Smoking Withdrawals

excercising is effective way to quit smoking

When Smoking Withdrawal Strikes, Strike Back

When you quit smoking, you will start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Here are some techniques to help you manage your cravings.

ANGRY Reminding yourself why you are quitting
Call a friend and talk it out
ANXIOUS Exercising
Do something to relax
TIRED Exercising
Taking a nap
Change your bedtime routine or sleeping habits
Deep breathing to take in more oxygen
DISTRACTED Avoid alcohol
Take a moment to breathe and re-focus
Have a plan to do one thing at a time
Write out plans to follow or make a list
Schedule breaks to help you re-focus
HUNGRY Keep healthy snacks on hand
Brush your teeth after eating
Take a walk after each meal
Drink more water between meals
Drink flavoured water

What if you slip up?

You might slip up, but what’s important is getting back on track.

Discover Your Quit Plan

Whether you’re a light smoker or heavy smoker, find the right quit plan for you.